How to give a spanking that will not be forgotten


Not to be confused with a few playful ‘spanks’, the objective of a spanking is to
thoroughly redden and warm the subjects bottom to the point where there will be some lasting effects.

Spankings are best given over the knee to ensure compliance and allow for close observation
of the proceedings.

A thorough spanking should take anywhere from
5 to 15 minutes including ‘rest periods’.

Start spanking with your hand to warm up the entire target area over the course
of several minutes.
Smacking the bottom with your bare hand adds a personal touch and can
be an erotic sensation for both parties.


I am going to teach you a lesson that you will never forget!
You asked for it!

The gradual warm up will prevent numbness and ensure that the harder spanks
that are to come will be fully appreciated.

Once the bottom (and your hand) has been sufficiently warmed up you should
increase the tempo and use a paddle or hairbrush (or alternate between the two) to continue.

It’s how many, not how hard that makes it sting more!

Try to cover every square inch until you find the spot that produces
the desired reaction. Don’t forget the flanks and the thighs!

Spank like you were trying to make a point

Say what you are thinking as you spank

Pause occasionally to observe the spankings effects and massage the bottom

Continue until the desired result is achieved.

Finish hard and fast 

Repeat as necessary